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We started this project because we ourselves felt that RP was too expensive to purchase. League of legends has evolved greatly since it's release 10+ years ago and with that evolution, many new champions and skins have been released. A new player joining the game now is much further behind others than they would have been years back. In order to catch up they will have to invest a massive amount of money in order to purchase new champions, skins, chromas, etc. Here at freerp.lol we have devised a business method that will allow our users to get RP for FREE. We will never ask you for any personal or payment information. Feel free to try us risk free!

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$ 10

1380 RP

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Our service is entirely free and requires 0 money or any personal info from you. We will never ask for your account information. Try us absolutely risk free.

$ 150,760

This is how much RP has been redeemed using our service. We update this amount weekly!


Our service is perfect for giving a loved one a gift or present. Simply send them the code you receive from us and they will be able to redeem it on their account.

Free Riot Points

What Our Fantastic Users Say

Adrian C.

Best website I've ever come across. Was able to get myself the latest skins with ease and with no damage to my bank account!

Susan F.

I struggled a little bit at first but eventually finished the whole process in about 10 min total and got my boyfriend the best present ever!!

Stephen J.

This is INSANE!! I am getting so much RP for free daily and I am able to gift my friends new skins whenever I want!! 

Jennifer B.

OMG!!!! I can't believe I didn't know about this website sooner but this is absolutely amazing! RP is so expensive usually but now I can get all the skins and chromas I want!